Normally sanding & finishing is a 2/3 day process, but allow four in case the finish isn’t dry from one day to the next, depending upon weather conditions.

There will be a fine film in the sanded areas. Our latest machinery collects more than 95% of dust.

Yes, however access to the floors will be restricted because of the need for a certain amount of drying time each day.

A coat of oil or polyurethane takes 8-12 hours to dry — a coat of water base poly takes 4-6 hours to dry.

Recommended 48 hours after the final coat is applied (with protective felts under all furniture). Large area rugs need to be kept off the floor for the first 30 days. Use a breathable perforated rubber pad under rugs.

You have a choice of a matt, satin, semi-gloss, gloss or high gloss finish for your floor.

Yes we do move furniture to assist customer for a small fee

Generally sanding or refinishing jobs are started between 7:00 am & 9:00 am in the morning. Smaller jobs are sometimes started in the afternoon.

Our company does not demand any deposit to begin the work. We require full payment due upon completion. We accept all Bank cheque, cash and electronic funds transfer.

Yes. We can give you a rough estimate over the phone or we can travel to your site and calculate a free in-home estimate.
We give free estimates from: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Sunday

Professional charges range from $25 to $50 per square metre. The work depends; a work of less than 20 meters is a minimum charge of $500.

Floor sealing is usually done on an old, dull looking floor, to restore the shine and to avoid further damage. Polyurethane is the most common sealant used, which has proven durability against time. If water drips over a floor sealed with this material, the water will simply bead up and will be easy to wipe off.

Floor staining is the application of a finishing for wood floors for its natural beauty to return to its former glory. Aside from beautification, staining a floor also serves to protect it with a durable finish. Always remember that when staining, one must always start with raw wood. Otherwise, work must be done to strip away any wax that has been applied.

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